Welcome to the home of the Unzipped The Business of Sex™ podcast.  The show, hosted by intellectual property lawyer, Maxine Lynn, will provide engaging discussions with top experts and insiders to create a lens into the fascinating world of the adult industry from a business perepective.  It is a landscape peppered with truly unique challenges of taboo, law, ethics, and accordingly, day-to-day business. How the industry, government, and society each deal with these issues greatly impacts the most intimate aspects of our lives – what we can have and cannot have, and what we can and cannot do… in the bedroom.  Click here to listen to the introductory episode, or read on for the information in text form.  We recommend listening to it, but we won’t fault you for reading instead!


Today, the sex-toy industry is exploding with new and advanced technologies.  Appropriately, it’s now being called “Sex Tech,” short for “Sex Technology”.  Teledildonics devices allow remote control of dildos, as well as remote sex among partners.  Sensors allow sex devices to learn about the user’s body and its responses, and adjust settings automatically. And ultra-realistic life-like sex dolls and robots incorporating artificial intelligence are just around the corner.


We’ll look at how tech is impacting product lines, as well as completely changing the sex toy market and industry.  The boom of Sex Tech innovation has led to a patent race, inevitably making companies in the business vulnerable to patent trolls.  In fact, a patent almost stopped the development of teledildonics in its tracks.  These days, the industry is getting its first taste in handling of data security, and dangers of hackers, as more and more sex toys are connected to the Internet of Things.  Moreover, crowdfunding technology has brought a welcome new avenue for independent inventors and small businesses to raise funds to break into the Sex Tech market a market in which traditional venture capitalists have typically refused to invest.


In addition to high tech sex toys, technology has ushered in pornography access and capabilities never before imagined would be possible.  No longer must a person sneak to a strip club for an erotic experience.  Massive amounts of pornography are available via the internet 24 hours a day, much of the time at no cost, in the privacy of home.  Virtual and augmented reality connected with high-tech dildos and sleeve devices allows users to experience a simulation of sex in whatever setting they want and with whomever they want… Even their favorite porn stars.  And from development of web-cam technology, a new business was born – amateur porn.


The Internet has given porn producers what they previously lacked - Wide open access to the consumer.  Gone are the days where they are bound to adult-only shops or back rooms of video rental stores.  But on the flip side, the Internet has led to the demise of many porn production companies because of the ease it brought to people illegally pirating of movies in violation of copyright laws.  The industry also continually faces opposition, and borderline discrimination, from many fronts.  Some search engines have prohibited sexually-explicit language in keyword advertising, and adult websites are restricted from access in public Wi-Fi zones.  Censorship is still a battle being fought every day.


There is a fine line between the legal issues and the ethical considerations.  For example, what happens when sex dolls are made to resemble children?  Should viewers be able to sue production companies when condoms aren’t used in sex scenes (to lower the likelihood of disease transmission among performers)?  California voters said “no” to that question in its recent vote on “Prop60”.  How about, should the nature of sex acts allowed to be shown in online porn be regulated because of the possibility that children might somehow access the content?  Currently, Britain’s government is contemplating a bill for just that.


Maxine will dive into these topics and more with industry insiders, technologists, attorneys, sex educators, and other stakeholders and pundits.  As an attorney and your host, she’ll draw on her expertise in technology and law, as well as her experience in… just being a human.  For example, she’ll take a look at what all of this new technology means from a social perspective.  What will sex look like in 10 years, or 20?  How will humans interact with one another in the bedroom… Or even will they?  Will new technologies make sex with human partners obsolete?


For now, we’ll all just have to sit back and wait and see.  In the meantime, come “watch the action,” so to speak, with Maxine.






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Unzipped Business of Sex Podcast: Sex Tech, Toys, Porn Business and Law
Unzipped Business of Sex Podcast: Sex Tech, Toys, Porn Business and Law




Maxine Lynn: Unzipped Business of Sex Podcast: Sex Tech, Toys, Porn Business and Law

Maxine Lynn


Maxine Lynn is an intellectual property attorney with the law firm of Keohane & D’Alessandro, PLLC. She focuses her practice on prosecution of patent, trademark, and copyright applications both domestically and internationally.

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