Welcome to the home of the Unzipped The Business of Sex® podcast.  The show, hosted by adult industry attorney, Maxine Lynn, will provide engaging interviews exploring the intersections of sex, tech, and business.  It’s realm peppered with truly unique challenges of taboo, law, ethics, and accordingly, day-to-day business.


Today, the sex toy industry is exploding with new and advanced technologies.  Appropriately, it’s now being called Sex Tech, short for “Sex Technology.”  “Sex Tech” has brought us teledildonics, which allow remote control of dildos as well as remote sex among partners.  Sensors allow sex devices to learn about a user’s body, and its responses, and to adjust settings like vibration intensity automatically.  And ultra-life like sex dolls and robots incorporating artificial intelligence are just around the corner.


This progress has not come without vast challenges.  Patents are proliferating in the Sex Tech space, leading to expensive litigation.  Never-before seen ethical and legal questions are arising surrounding sex with dolls and robots. And further, possible breaches of information security of Internet-connected sex toys continually looms.  The legal ramifications of improper collection and sharing of usage information of such devices is still largely unknown as the technology is so new.  However, the issue has already cost one company in the industry about 3.5 million U.S. dollars.


In addition to bringing us high tech sex toys, technology has ushered in pornography access and capabilities never before imagined would be possible.  No longer must a person sneak to a strip club for an erotic experience.  Massive amounts of pornography are available via the internet 24 hours a day, much of the time at no cost in the privacy of home.  Virtual and augmented reality connected with high tech dildos and sleeve devices allow users to experience a simulation of sex in whatever setting they want, and with whomever they want… Even their favorite porn stars.  And from the development of webcam technology, a new business was born – Amateur porn.  The Internet has given porn producers what they had previously lacked.  Wide open access to the consumer.  Gone are the days where they are limited to adult only shops or the back room of video rental stores.


But on the flip side, the internet has led to the demise of many porn production companies because of the ease it brought to the illegal pirating of movies in violation of copyright laws.  The industry faces opposition, and borderline discrimination on many fronts.  Several states in the United States have declared porn a public health crisis, and the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) is threatening open access to online porn.  In addition, many search engines and social networking websites prohibit sexually explicit keyword advertising, and adult content is blocked from access in many public Wi-Fi zones.  Censorship is still a battle being fought every day.


Maxine will talk with industry insiders, experts, and pundits about the future of the Sex Tech, sex toy, and pornography industries.  The podcast is a lens into a fascinating world that is in the midst of major developments including changes in consumer mindsets, massive product innovation, and an uncertain legal landscape.  Join Maxine right here for a front row seat to all of the action!










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Unzipped Business of Sex Podcast: Sex Tech, Toys, Porn Business and Law
Unzipped Business of Sex Podcast: Sex Tech, Toys, Porn Business and Law




Maxine Lynn: Unzipped Business of Sex Podcast: Sex Tech, Toys, Porn Business and Law

Maxine Lynn


Maxine Lynn is an intellectual property attorney with the law firm of Keohane & D’Alessandro, PLLC. She focuses her practice on prosecution of patent, trademark, and copyright applications both domestically and internationally.

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